Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Techy Tuesday - Moby Max

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Today I'm going to talk about MobyMax. If you are not using this program yet be prepared to add this to your list of classroom tools.

MobyMax is such an amazing resource because it has a FREE version and has an wonderful differentiated instruction component.

MobyMax allows kids to work at their own pace at their own level. It has Math, Reading, Language Arts, Math Facts, Writing, and Test Prep.

Students can "earn" game time by completing the lessons but don't fear...you have the power to turn the games off if your students are more interested in the games than the lessons.

If you pay the $79 for a year membership then you are granted progress monitoring reports that allows you to see how much a student is using the program, how well they are doing, and during their time in the program if they are on task.

While there are reports with the free version they are not as detailed.

From a teacher point of view I love this program because it pushes them and prepares for state testing. The wording and layout of the problems along with the test component all contribute to helping students with state testing.

Take a look at these student problems:

MobyMax gives the students lessons prior to the problems. If a student misses the problems it will show them how to do it. If they get stuck on the problem before they answer they can click a button to get a mini review. 

If you haven't tried out MobyMax then head on over and look it over. You may not have time to start using it this year but it's a great program to implement in August and use throughout the year. 


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