Saturday, May 3, 2014

Whew...What a Week!

So we missed 5 for Friday this week. We have a good reason. Miss Jena from Sew Much Music, the lovely lady in the white dress, was having a birthday! We had to take her out and celebrate. Shout out to the nice older man that took our picture. I think we flustered him a bit but he was a champ and took this picture for us!

We went to a local winery and then because we are teachers we ended up at Target. Let's not mention the fact that I have no sense of direction and my navigators failed us miserably. We only went in a few circles before we found our way!

What's fun about this group is that we are all teachers. We have kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, and music represented here. We also have several bloggers:  Mrs. Copple and Mrs. Banister from 2 Techie Teachers , Mrs. Banister's Kindergarten Kids , Sew Much Music and Michelle and I. Teacher talk was on the menu for the night and we shared, laughed, and enjoyed it all.

Escaping with a group of girls on a Friday night was the best medicine. My daughter, Leah, had a doctors appointment yesterday that left me a little sad/worried/scared. I'll make a separate blog post for that. Going out with the girls helped lift me up and allowed me to escape for a bit. We had so much fun and have decided we need to to this every month. It was a blast.

As my school year winds down I'm preparing to move from 2nd to 4th grade. This means packing up my classroom for the fourth time and moving again. While I'm not looking forward to the packing I am looking forward to 4th and to redecorating. Have you come across this amazing classroom at Kinder-Craze? I love the colors and would love to model my classroom after this. I'm worried though because her room is so open and airy and right now I will have 29 desks in a very small room. Anyone have idea for managing space when you have that many students? I'll take all suggestions. I want pretty, bright, open, and manageable. That's possible... right?

I've mentioned that we have a new blog design coming from Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs, this week we were moved up to the beginning of June. We can't wait for it to arrive!

Have a great week friends! We are counting down....24 days till summer vacation. I have a feeling they will be memorable.


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