Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blogs We Admire!

      Moving from 2nd to 4th is slightly terrifying. Don't get me wrong, I know I'll love it, but it's a big jump for me. I've taught PreK-2nd, and I've always stair-stepped my way up. Jumping to intermediate is slightly scary. 

     When I found out I was moving, Michelle and I immediately began planning. Our teaching styles are very similar so I know that we can share materials.  Even with that though,  I began to search TPT and Pinterest for ideas. I've had to get out of primary mode and start thinking like an intermediate teacher. 

     I've stumbled across some amazing blogs and products along the way....which brings me to this post. 

     The amazing Amanda Wilp from:

organized The Secret Admirer challenge in the Facebook Free-for-All group. I'd never participated in this before but I was very intrigued so I took a chance and signed up. I'm so glad I did!

 I've stalked:

blog for awhile now and her TPT store had some products that I wanted to try out in 4th grade. Especially her Literature Studies packets. I can't wait to start lit groups with my 4th graders, yet at the same time I didn't know where to start. I looked through her products and noticed: 

    Andrew Clements is one of my favorite authors and one that my son loves. I asked to review that product and did my happy dance when Amanda emailed me with my granted request. 

    Just let me say, if you are looking into Lit groups, head over to Meg's TPT store and check out all of her resources. 

    Because I am currently teaching 2nd graders and No Talking is a 5.0 AR level book, I reviewed the materials myself. Sorry for not having great in action photos. I'll add them next year!! Because trust me friends, I will be using this product along with Meg's other Literature Study products. 

    What I love about this product is how it will make your students think about the book. I love the "Pausing Point" pages. Another plus is that you can use this pages with other books! They are not character specific. This product does an amazing job of making kids stop and think about character development, theme, story development, key events, character dialogue and more. 

    Reviewing this product has been a true pleasure and has me pumped to begin my journey as a 4th Grade teacher. Thank you Meg for allowing me the privilege! 

    - Tracy 


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