Friday, May 23, 2014

Five for Friday ~ May 23

This week has been pure CrAzInEsS!! I know I think that at the end of every school year but this week takes the cake. 

Meet Owyn & Gavin (O&G). 

My baby boys turned 5 this past Wednesday! Part of me can't believe it and the other part of me is thinking PTL. Raising twins has been an adventure. Raising identical boys... I'd say even more so. They are each other's best buds and yet they have days they are each other's enemy. They stay up late EVERY night talking in their beds and are always the first ones up EVERY morning. 

This past Sunday they also caused me some major anxiety. After some investigating I found out that they wanted to see if Baby Kitty would land on the pillow....

To see if he would land on the pillow they climbed on my oldest son's top bunk. Held Kitty over...AND. LET. GO!! 

Baby Kitty missed the pillow. When I heard Kitty crying the Momma was carrying her around the kitchen and Kitty was crying. I thought the Momma had hurt him. (Momma's had some issues). I put Baby Kitty on my chest and he laid on my for about an hour. It was about this time I realized Kitty hadn't moved. Panic set in. 

I put Kitty down on the floor and he couldn't walk and when I looked closely I could see he had a bloody nose.  Remember that it was Sunday so I had to wait until Monday to get him into the vet. 

About this time I started questioning O & G and the story came out.

After 2 vet visits we found out that Kitty had a concussion, some brain swelling, and a broken nose. The vet prepared me for the possibility of permanent brain damage and told me that if Kitty got worse or made no improvement then he would need to be put down. 

Nick and I took turns syringe feeding the kitty and taking care of him. Did you know that cats breathe primarily through their noses? And if they have a broken nose then when they try to eat they start chocking? I know that now! I also know that if a kitten has a broken nose then they can't smell which means when you try to force feed them they can't actually taste it so they don't understand what you are trying to do. It was a rough few days with feedings. 

We gave him medicine for the swelling and an antibiotic and we slowly started to see improvements. Today I'm happy to say that Kitty ate for the first time!! YAY! Trust me, you can't understand the relief I felt. It's not a good thing when you think your child killed the kitty. 

Kitty will now be known as "Lucky"

This past week we read "The Great Kapok Tree" to go along with this book and our Rainforest study I found a WONDERFUL resource on TPT. If you are a K-2 teacher I highly recommend this product.

Last week I realized that my kiddos needed a few geography lessons. We really needed to work on location and where we live. I sat down and got busy.

I plan on using this activity this coming week. I think my kiddos are going to like it and I hope the next time someone shows them a picture of Indiana they can identify it.

My school is having a major classroom swap. I'm moving into 4th but into a current 3rd grade classroom. The third grade teacher is being moved to 1st and the 1st grade teacher is being moved into my spot at 2nd. This means that none of us can move until someone moves. That being said....

I've started packing. We still have 9 days of school left but we have to be ready to move on day 10. Did I forget to mention that our office is moving and the bathrooms are being remodeled? What the means for us is that we need to be moved before the construction guys start so that we aren't in their way. These last 9 days are going to be busy, busy, busy.

How many days do you have? Are you as crazy as I am right now?

I'm starting to think about my new room and how to decorate it. I'm really excited about moving and my brain is going in a million directions with ideas. What's your favorite class theme? Decor?

Have any ideas/ suggestions? Let me hear them!

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  1. I am so glad your Kitty is okay. What an experience. That will be a story to tell as your twins grow up. :)

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis