Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday!

Before I get started on my Five for Friday I have a request....

This week was hard for me. I had something happen to a student that has really caused me some concern. I know my students are not MY children but I feel that they are. I don't stop thinking or worrying about them at 3:00 p.m. and this case has caused me a great deal of worry.  I want to ask that everyone say a prayer that things will work out in the best possible way for him. This teacher is worried. 

Thanks guys. 


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky party! 

Look how beautiful these hanging baskets are! A lovely co-worker was selling them for her son's Boy Scout Troop. 2 baskets for $25. They are so vibrant and add a very homey look to my front porch. I'm loving them. Maybe I should buy more...

Meet Baby Kitty. Baby Kitty is 4 weeks old. He has been living with his Momma in my bedroom for the past 4 weeks. The rest of his litter didn't survive a frost so we are a bit protective. I've discovered that having a newborn kitten and Momma in the bedroom is like having a newborn baby. After 4 weeks of NO SLEEP Momma and Baby were relocated to Colin and Leah's room. I felt like a new person this morning! It's amazing what a little sleep can do for a girl. 

I finally made it to knitting this week and was able to work on my blanket a bit more. This is my first Granny Square blanket but I think it's turning out nicely. (If you see errors don't tell me!!! I'm good with denial.)  If you want to learn how to make this Granny Square blanket just follow these 4 videos

Leah's vision therapist used my Mother's Day pack and had Leah fill this out for Mother's Day. I've collected these from Leah for the past few years and I love seeing how her answers change. The first year Leah completed a page like this she said my age was 42. I'm glad she made me younger this time around! 

Colin brought this home for me today. Mrs. Moon had her students use Tagul and a thesaurus to describe their moms. Colin got a kick out of saying I do "Donkey Work" or am hard working. I loved this project and my heart was filled to see how Colin viewed me. 

Are you counting down the school year? I sure am! I've loved this year but I am excited for 4th grade. 19 days and counting!!! 


  1. Aww, baby kitty is TOO cute! Will you keep her?
    I think your knitting looks great- way better than I could ever do!
    25 days and counting,
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

  2. Your student is in my prayers! I know exactly how you feel - my students definitely become MY KIDS! I love your notes from your kids - they really know how to make their parents feel loved sometimes don't they? Happy Mother's Day!

    1. My hubby is trying to convince me we should keep him but I already feel like we have a zoo! I have a feeling the cuteness factor will win though and I'll have another kitty. :)

  3. Thanks Karli! Crocheting I've picked up with YouTube and I find it much easier than knitting. With knitting I meet some lovely ladies at our local coffee shop on Tuesday nights and they've been teaching me. I found it very relaxing this past winter and hopeful by next winter I'll be more confident! I'll be thinking of you those last 25 days!

  4. Thanks Kelly! All prayers are greatly appreciated. I'm hoping that when I go into school tomorrow I have some answers.

    The notes from my kids are always my favorite Mother's Day treat. I love seeing how their answers change over the years. Leah was so cute yesterday when we were out buying flowers wanting to ask what my favorite T.V. show...she was worried she got it wrong. :) She's such a cute kid.