Thursday, July 3, 2014

Writing Curriculum

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This summer has been filled with curriculum meetings. In the past our district used Build Your Own Curriculum to make our curriculum maps. This summer we are redoing and adding everything into PIVOT.

Michelle and I, along with the other 4th grade teachers, have been mapping out our Reading, Writing, Math, Spelling/Grammar for the entire year.

Michelle and I spent a lot of time mapping out our writing. We searched through blogs and Pinterest to find ideas to go with each unit.

I've uploaded our Keynote so you can see the map. I'm new to embedding PDF's so bare with me.  I'm also going to attach our Learning Activities for each genre.

This is our starting point. It's a good start and makes this new to 4th grade teacher feel much better. Thoughts?


Narrative Writing:
Narrative Anchor Chart
Revising and Editing Anchor Chart 
Narrative Writing Framework
Narrative Writing Topics

Persuasive Writing:
Pinterest Persuasive
Read, Write, Think Lesson 

Expository Writing:
Smekens: Book Clubs linked with Writing
Expository Writing Pinterest
Read, Write, Think

Research Report:
Pinterest Board
Anchor Chart: Make a Plan
Anchor Chart: Paragraph Changes
ReadWriteThink Lesson


  1. I really appreciate seeing this! As a new to 4th grade teacher, this has been really helpful to look through all the resources you already compiled! Just AWESOME!


    1. Thanks Amber! I'm glad you found it useful. Now that I'm back from vacation I'll be adding our math and language arts maps. We use enVision Math and Reading Street for reading but we did our maps by skills so hopefully you will find those useful as well!