Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Currently

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How is it July already? Sorry I missed posting on July 1st but in all honesty I didn't realize July was upon me! 

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Listening: To my dryer. I am ALWAYS listening to my dryer. The heating element is going out so instead of 1 cycle to dry my clothes it's taking 2-3 cycles. It's a pain and I need to get it fixed or buy a new dryer but I haven't gotten around to that yet because lets face it....Dryers are EXPENSIVE and I had to get new tires before vacation so the dryer is on hold.

Loving: Summer weather. Winter in Indiana this year was horrendous. Truly. I think we had around 15 snow days. We had -20 wind chill days, lots of ice and snow along with the just down right cold days. I was miserable from December to April. So I'm saying bring on the 100° days. Please.

Thinking: I should start packing. With 4 kids, a husband, and myself packing it's no easy task. I should really get started on it......but since I know we aren't leaving till tomorrow I keep putting it off.

Wanting: A chef to make me breakfast. I love to cook. Saying I love to bake would be even more accurate. I'm simply not motivated to do either in the morning.  I dearly love breakfast and I wish I was more inclined to make it. The only problem is: I am not a morning person. Having a chef is my dream.

Needing: To mow the grass. My husband is highly allergic to grass. When he tries to mow he has to wear a mask. It's not pretty. So I've taken over that job.

I actually tried to teach Colin how to mow but his 10 year old eyes were not so great at seeing the lines so he kept leaving a small line of grass in between the rows. It was driving me crazy so I took that chore back. I really don't mind doing it but lately we've had a lot of rain so my yard is kinda soggy. I'm hoping the rain holds off today so I can get it mowed. I love the look of my yard after it's been mowed.

4th Plans: This year my family is taking a trip to a cabin in Gatlinburg. For the first time ever we are vacationing with family. We are meeting up with my brother/sister-in-law with their 2 kids along with my parents, who are raising my niece and nephew, and we are all staying in a cabin together. That's 6 adults with 8 children. We are outnumbered my friends. Hopefully we all survive.

Now that I've realized it's July I'm starting to panic. I really need to get my room finished. I haven't been in since I painted last! I'm waiting on the floors to be washed so I can finish unpacking all the boxes that are currently piled up on my shelfs.

My goal is to get back in after vacation. Hopefully the floors are done by then! Happy July friends. Enjoy every minute!

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