Thursday, July 10, 2014

Math Curriculum

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This summer has been filled with curriculum meetings. Each grade level met across my district in a very cold room and we mapped out our year. In the past our district used Build Your Own Curriculum to make our curriculum maps. This summer we are redoing and adding everything into PIVOT.

Michelle and I, along with the other 4th grade teachers, have been mapping out our Reading, Writing, Math, Spelling/Grammar for the entire year.

You can read all about our Writing Curriculum here.

Math was a bigger issue for us because Indiana did away with Common Core. Our new standards are similar but enough of a change to give us pause.

Our district uses enVision Math.

 When we adopted enVision we previewed the Indian version and we loved it. Around this time Indiana adopted CC so our district purchased the CC enVision thinking it would be similar.

We were wrong....I'm not a fan of the Common Core version as it seems completely out of order and does not have a clear scope and sequence.

In my opinion the Common Core version felt rushed, thrown together, and the order of the topics was ridiculous. It was almost as if they threw it together so the publishing company could say they had a CC edition. I hated it.

Now that Indiana has done away with CC we are using the Indiana enVision again. (And there was much rejoicing)

Keep that in mind with this curriculum map.

That being said, I'm confident you can still find this map useful. You can search the map for the topic you are covering and hopefully still use our resources. If nothing else use our map as a guide if you have to create something similar! Remember to check back often. This map will update as we make changes!

This map hasn't gone through the "Make it cute and pretty phase". Give me time and that will change. :)

Michelle and I will continue to add and change this as we use it this year. This is our starting point. Hopefully it can be yours as well. -Tracy

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