Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Scoop - 1-11-15

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Have to do...
In theory Fact & Opinion sounds like something my 4th graders should breeze through. In actuality, not so much. Luckily Michelle and I changed up our Reading this week so we teach the same skill for 3 weeks. This seems to be really helping our kids instead of switching around with the Basal series every week. 

Laundry. It's a never ending battle. Some days I think I'm winning the war. Others days I want to run away and hide. Last week I seriously considered throwing away all the socks and just starting over again. 

One goal I have for the New Year is eating out less. I've done good so far but I didn't go grocery shopping this weekend. Tomorrow may be a PB&J kind of day! 

Hope to Do...
I've started teaching some of my students how to knit during recess. I offered to teach my whole class but not so surprisingly only the girls took me up on it. Their stitches are not even by any means but they are having a blast.

How did I miss Once Upon a Time when it started? I've done away with sleeping and have been staying up late every night catching up on Netflix. If you aren't watching this show head to Netflix and give it a shot. I'm enjoying it. Season 3 was a little slow but Season 4 is fantastic. 

Happy to Do...
When I'm not binge watching Netflix I've been staying up reading on my Kindle. I'm treating myself to Kindle Unlimited and I've gotta say, I'm in love. I've read so many fantastic books the last month. If you have a Kindle you may want to check it out. 

Have a fantastic week friends! Stay warm. Looks like I have an ice storm in my future. UGH! 


  1. Laundry was on my to-do list today's never-ending at our home as well...we have 5 people. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Ha! I added laundry as my to do this week also! Must be that we all put it off as long as possible. I love that you are teaching your students how to knit. My great-grandmother taught me but it is a skill I have lost and would love to relearn when I find the time. I haven't heard of that series before before but will be checking it out! I love finding new authors/series.