Sunday, April 20, 2014

Keynote '09 vs '13

Recently my beloved Macbook started acting wonky. It would freeze up constantly and would lock up if I tried to download anything. Working in Keynote or Pages was impossible because the spinning wheel of death would pop up every time. I was beginning to sound like Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phinieas and Ferb, "Curse you Spinning Wheel!!". 

I finally gave in and turned my Mac over to the IT guys at school. 2 days later it was returned and working beautifully. Except I was in for a big surprise. Gone was my beloved Keynote '09 and instead was the new version. 

I opened up the new version and WTH!!!! The Inspector button was gone! 

My reaction was not pretty my friends. I started texting my brother, the IT guy, asking how the heck I could get the old version back. I could get it back, but the iWork 13 was the default so it kept trying to convert. If I was working in the '09 version and then tried clicking on another Keynote document it would cause '09 to crash and '13 to open up. I lost an almost completed project over this and I was MAD. Luckily I had taken Screen Shots to create the Cover Page with so I was able to recreate the Bee Themed Sticker Charts. Don't you just love this clip art!!! 

I was in panic mode. I loved the old Keynote! I relied on Inspector. I knew the ins and outs and could easily make worksheets, sticker charts, cute NWF games, and more. I was not going to embrace '13. 

But yesterday I forced myself to use it. And while it took me awhile. I realized that the new version does have the Inspector features. They are just in different places. 

Once you place a shape or clip art, your top right menu bar changes. You will see Style, Text, and Arrange. Here is where you will find the Inspector features. The only thing I haven't found yet.....the ability to be on an object and by using 2 fingers be able to change the angle. If you try to do it. You will start zooming in and out on your page. 

One new feature that I do like is they moved the zoom to the top of the page. This makes it much easier for me to work on projects and switch between 75% so I can see the whole screen or 200% if I need to zoom in and work on a specific part of my project. 

iWork13 has forced me to embrace the new Keynote. I'll be the first to admit I wasn't happy about it, but I'm not in panic mode now either. So if you find yourself with the new version and are having trouble feel free to email me or leave a comment and I'll be glad to help! 


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