Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DS VS Water

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As I was lying in bed recovering from surgery this week Gavin runs up to me to give me his DS that is dripping in water. In my medicated state I thought prayed I was imagining things. No such luck.

The following conversation ensued:

 "Why is your DS dripping?"

"Weeeeellllll, it was dirty"

"Okay, I get that it was dirty, but why is your DS dripping?"

"Cause I had ta wash it"

"And just where exactly did you wash it?'

Gavin looking at me like I'm the weird one....."In the sink"

Needless to say the DS would no longer turned on. So what did I do? Threw it in a bag of rice of course.

Two days later the DS is good as new and I'm the best mom ever.

So it's true. Dropping a wet electronic device in rice really DOES work. Who knew?

Keeping it real.

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