Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

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I say this every month but how in the world is it already September 1st!?!?!

That being said....I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the September currently.

Listening: A few weeks ago I was watching the new show "Night Shift" and  during one of the last episodes they played "There's a Rumor" and I fell in love with this song. It's not on my Spotify and I listen to it all the time. 

Loving: I love how simple my Kindle has made getting new books. I've spent the last few days in bed and my kindle has saved me. I've been saving "The Collector" by Nora Roberts. Today is going to be the day I finally read it. I can't wait! 

Thinking: We moved into our house 2 years ago this weekend. In that 2 years my dryer has never been the same. I wanted to blame it on the vent system in the new house but we just had all that cleaned out and my dryer still isn't working. Now my washer is smelling funny. It's time to break down and buy a new set. I can't decide if I want a front loader or top loader. Suggestions? 

Wanting: Lemon Bars. I am not a lemon person. Well, I thought I wasn't. Then I had these lemon bars and fell in love. Added bonus: they are so easy to make. As soon as I can breathe again I am making these babies. They are so yummy. 

Needing: To breathe again. I live in the Ohio Valley and lately the humidity has been awful. Humidity and mold go hand in hand and it's kicking my butt at the moment. I'm allergic to mold and I can't seem to escape it! I'm hoping that my new inhaler will kick in soon and I can breathe again. 

3 Trips: My husband and I went to Brugge, Belgium years ago and had a fantastic time. It's such a beautiful city that is under appreciated. I can't wait to go back. Germany is actually where we are considering teaching next. They have some of the top notch eye doctors in the world that are making amazing gains with Aniridia research. We are contemplating moving so that our daughter can get new treatments. New Zealand has always been a dream of mine. I'm hopefully I will be able to go in the next 5 years. That's my goal anyways.

Have an amazing September friends!


  1. So sorry about your washer and dryer! Everyone seems to love the front loaders but I have had both and personally like the top loaders. They seem to work better.....but I am old fashion! Good luck finding one that works the best for you. Kristi Teaching Little Miracles

  2. I'm interested to make those lemon bars! I am not a lemon person either, but the recipe looks easy & I've been wanting to try something new!

    1. The lemon bars have been a huge hit at my house. They are even better the next day. If you make them let me know how you like them!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours! I love Nora Roberts books! I haven't read The will have to let me know how it is! Also wanted to let you know that you are a "no reply" blogger. If you change this it allows people to email you back when you comment on their blog! If you "google" it there are tons of tutorials out there on how to change it. Let me know if you need any help though!


    1. Thanks for the heads up Bethany! I had no idea I as a "no reply" blogger. I took your advice and found a tutorial. Hopefully it's fixed now.

      I resisted Nora Roberts books for years because I thought only little old ladies read her books. Boy was I wrong! I love her stuff. I'll let you know how I like it.

      Thanks again for your help!

  4. I love lemon bars. Well actually anything lemon flavoured!! We just had the conversation in our house about front loading or top loading. I love the look of our front loading washer but I find that there is a lot of maintenance required. We have to buy the washing machine cleaner soap and run it through once a week and wipe down the soap dispenser ALL THE TIME or else it gets a funky smell. I never remember our top loading one smelling so much. I think that when this set dies we will go back to top loading.
    Terri's Teaching Treasures

    1. Our current washer is so old and my clothes just are not smelling fresh anymore. I'm leaning towards a top loader after getting feedback today. Hopefully I will have a new set soon. I'm ready for fresh smelling clothes in half the time it's currently taking me.

  5. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog at Farley's link up. I think you two have the cutest blog theme! I also love the fact that you LOVE Blogilates! I recently purchased her water infuser and I seriously love it!

    And ... I am your newest follower! =)

    A LoveLi Class